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Baby Massage Demo

Expectant Mothers

The world of hygiene is no mystery – to many mums, it comes naturally to bathe their newborns after attending some form of class (including ante-natal classes) or reading extensively to gain the necessary skills for caring for newborn babies. Baby massage ought to be one of them.

On one hand, there is a support network of families, caregivers, professionals, ancillaries alike, and hopefully the partners (assuming they took paternity leave to care for mum – while mum cares for the baby and herself). While theoretically, it may well play out as planned – plan nonetheless mums must. If only to minimize the stress associated with pregnancy and childbirth. But hold on; all is not all gloom and depressing, with summer finally here, or is it? Autumn is fast approaching, and the outcome is, the woollies and coats.Read More

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Newborn Baby Rubdown Innovative Modern & Healthy Massage There are two forms of massages, and application of the common one regularly is normally acceptable. This is no ordinary massage, where the application of lubricant ought not to be washed off. In this technique of massage, the newborn baby rubdown requires a wash-off at once after the application of oil lubricant.Read More “Mum knows best”

Benefits of Massage

Benefits of Newborn Baby Rubdown

It simply involves careful massage with chosen oil lubricant on newborns and washing it off thereafter. The benefits, however, include the following and are not limited to them.


This might come as a shock to some, but truly it can prevent malodorous beyond childhood. Whilst there is no guarantee to completely achieve this, body odour in adulthood may be traced to many factors, including lack of proper hygiene from childhood.

The social implication of this impediment is huge, wouldn’t you agree? The several benefits of any type of massage would no doubt have an immediate impact. Furthermore, provided it reflects fully or partially on the reason the baby had a massage. Read More

Easy as A-B-C


The application of the oil lubricant might seem daunting, but do not fret help is at hand.  You can request the help of a friend, family or simply give the experts a call for an overall service or advice at any point of your pregnancy (before the birth of your baby) for a demo. The instructor will come and perform a demo at your location, or simply call when you go into labour. Terms and conditions apply. Please note, massage will not be given to a sick baby.

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The Manual for Newborn Baby Rubdown

Baby massage and newborn baby first bathe routine

Shop Manual

Available in audio, downloadable, paperback from Amazon and other outlets.

Back cover of Massage Manual

What a joy to behold the arrival of newborns for expectant mothers and families! The new addition to families denotes a new beginning and a great adjustment for mothers, partners, and their siblings. Every child deserves the wonderful gift of a lifetime, whether one chooses to apply the technique in this book or not.

Squeaky Clean highlights the benefit of different methods of massage, primarily; the unique first “Newborn Baby Rubdown”. It guarantees an ultra-cleansed baby, together with a bath using this technique. It provides an excellent opportunity to learn the various methods of massage techniques to calm baby, release stress, colic pain and abdominal wind, in time for their birth or to help families or friends. The method is as easy as A-B-C, with the aid of unique infographic tools, a technique that is simple to understand at any stage of parenting.Read More

Glow with the flow

Packed with parenting tips, stress management and some graphic illustrations to ease your way through the technique. And perhaps, learning the message method before the birth of your baby.  It is good opportunity to own the manual for Newborn Baby Rubdown or simply gift it to friends, expectant mums or family members. You can use it over and over again for as many babies as possible. If you are still in doubt, come chat with us on Twitter to put your mind at rest. Website: Email: contact

Steps to fill in the form massage demo

“Experience the Joy of Baby Massage!”

Follow the steps below to create beautiful moments of bonding and relaxation with your little one.

  • What is the cost of the baby massage demo?
    • Online – £150 
    • In-person – £350
  • Is the baby massage demo available in all locations? Yes, we can visit cost-free within a mile radius.
  • How long does the baby massage demo last? 30 minutes online and 1 hour in person.
  • What do mothers get at the session? Full guidance and goody bags, with a copy of the manual for in-person booking. And e-book for an online demo.
Step 1: Navigate to the Baby Massage Demo Form

Click here to access the “Baby Massage Demo” registration form. This form will help us understand your preferences and ensure a personalized and enjoyable experience for you and your baby.Read More

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